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    Many sales managers and supervisors are promoted due to their success in achieving their sales targets when they were salesperson earlier or management feels that due to their seniority that they should be “rewarded” with a management or at least a supervisory position.

    Sales management can involve any of the following activities – formulation of sales strategies through the development of   account management policies, sales force compensation and incentives, sales revenue forecasts, creating a sales plan, implementing sales strategies through selecting, training, motivating and supporting the sales team, setting sales revenue targets, sales team management through development and implementation of sales performance monitoring and evaluation of sales productivity, etc. Many sales managers fail for two main reasons – they simply do not know how to manage their salespeople and they do not rigorously implement the sales processes and systems. They succumb to the “good salesperson, bad manager” syndrome.

    LKA has assisted many of our clients to design, deliver and implement the people management skills as well as sales management systems and tools to elevate the effectiveness of our client sales leaders – Managing Sales and Managing People.


    “Selling is a competition where there are no silver medals”

    Selling is not always the same. Salespeople are confronted with different situations everyday during their selling activities. Sales situations vary because of the different customer expectations and knowing or not knowing what their wants and needs are.  The interaction between the customer and the salesperson is also dependent on the quality of the relation-ship. The parameters can be described as below.

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    No matter what the salesperson is selling, his/her approach or style must adept according to the buying and decision-making landscape and the person we are communicating with. In LKA we recognize these situations and advocate differentiated selling. Different folks need different strokes! At the different levels of a salesperson career progression, we also recognize that different skills sets are paramount towards his/her success.

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    In LKA we not only address the Quality of Work, Quantity of Work, Direction of Work and Motivation to Work issues but also have developed the tools and systems vital towards sales productivity and performance enhancement – from key prospect selection criteria to measuring your relationship with your key accounts, from strategies to action plans in order to grow your business.


    “Results come from measured actions”

    J M Anowar, Lead Facilitator